This Christmas…the best present you can give to anyone is your presence….your complete attention, affection, love, gratitude and generosity. It’s free….the only thing your offer is your time attention and you.

If you can’t be with someone that you really care about at Christmas….send a nice card and a handwritten note and a small thoughtful gift….and if like me…you’re not great a buying gifts….then just send the note with hugs and kisses…I think that would be well received.

Or maybe a phone call…the gift of your time and the sound of your voice…know anyone that might like this ?




Oh I know it’s nice to give someone a surprise, something they are not expecting….if you can think of a surprise ….or what if  you think it’s a big surprise and they secretly think it a load of cr#*p….then they have to pretend…..this all leads to the dreaded stress….I know….faking it is really hard. It generally shows up on your face and body language.

This Christmas I will enjoy and love, not before, but when it happens, our house being full of family, friends, laughter and happiness….just chatting and snoozing….going for pints on Christmas Eve….meeting people in the pub…..and on St Stephen’s Day….a few early pints with some family and friends….watch the soccer and home for a nice meal…long mindful walks. Just being, not doing.

This is what I like every Christmas….you know I can’t remember what presents I got last Christmas….but I can remember whose presence I had.

Don’t forget to give yourself your presence this Christmas. Enjoy the moment you are in…we can only be happy in the moment….not in the future….so think about how you are feeling right now as you read this….self love and self care is very important. If you don’t love yourself, it’s very hard to love anyone else.

Keep your mindfulness and meditation practice up. If you stop – it has the same effect as stopping watering your plants…….. they wither and die.

Anyway…that’s my little Christmas Blog for you….a sort of a presence for you….as I probably may not see you all in body….Happy Christmas, Declan

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