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Look after your mind – It’s your best asset

You depend on your mind all the time; it is your most important asset. How effectively do you use your mind? Many of us have never been taught to...
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This Christmas Give The Gift of Your Presence

This Christmas…the best present you can give to anyone is your presence….your complete attention, affection, love, gratitude and generosity. It’s...
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U thinking about U

I was reading an interview with Graham Souness former Liverpool player, manager and now soccer pundit. Graham is a very determined and straight...
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What is Happiness?

When we lose touch with our real self, who we really are, we lose our connection to the present moment, have an empty feeling and a lack of...
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Slow Down – Make Space to Rest-Reflect

Modern life and technology has given us many ways of saving time. I’m sure you can think of many in your life? What have most of us done with the...
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” Very well delivered , you have a great way about you”  ” Very relaxed, always felt welcome and not afraid to give my opinion”  ” very relevant …thoroughly enjoyed it ”  ” Declan has a very calming voice…excellent”  ” since starting I am using mindfulness daily”  ” Presented well…find great benefit from it already”  ” handouts were very good….use mindfulness on a daily basis in my work & home life ” ” Help to stay calm…and to relax”  ” Presentation was very relaxing…peaceful… expectations were met” ” Presentation and handouts very good…mindfulness is very important and part of my daily routine “

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