Services and Training I provide


One to One Coaching


We all encounter personal change at various stages in life. It may be career, change of lifestyle, personal circumstances, retirement etc. At times like that we need a one to one relationship with someone we can trust to be confidential and qualified to help us find the way forward to happiness and fulfilment. I can provide that coaching relationship.


Mindfulness and Mindful living classes and workshops


These classes (6 weeks, 1 hour) or weekend ( 2 weekends for 2x 3 hours) will show using a combination of Mindfulness,Positive Psychology, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural ( CBT) techniques and other concepts, to calm your mind, be more aware of who you are and what you want. You will learn how to practice and incorporate this into to your life in an easy and non disruptive fashion.


Mindfulness in the workplace workshops


People need to balance their needs as a person with their working life and their life outside work. It’s about overall effectiveness. If you are great at your job but your personal life is bad and vice versa, you will not have overall effectiveness. My workshops will give you the tools and help you find the means to harmonise both. Employers now realise the importance of this and often provide these workshops for their employees to help them. Success is a win win for both.