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Struggling to be me

Life Coach Mindfulness

So I’m sitting here at the computer and I’m just thinking about what I could write today for an interesting blog/post. I’m often envious of a lot of these people who seem to be able to write very interesting blogs, effortlessly, but maybe they struggle too.

So now I think maybe I have something to talk about which applies to us all.

We tend to negatively judge ourselves and our performance. What are we judging ourselves against?

Do you ever find out for yourself? Maybe sometimes you’re hard on yourself.

It’s not a good idea to judge and compare ourselves to others – we can only be the best version of ourselves – setting our own targets and standards. Stop trying to be somebody else or to look like somebody else, or maybe be what social media and advertising are telling us that we should have and we should be.

All of these sources seem to tell us that we should be on a continuous path of self-improvement, physically, spiritually, mentally and fashionably. So if we are to believe this stuff we are never complete, we are never finished, we are never able to just enjoy being who we are.

Think about it. If we all act, behave, dress and look physically like each other with absolutely perfect bodies, and white toothed smiles – then I think the world will be a very boring place.

I actually like the diversity of people. I find diverse people interesting. I love talking to people from different walks of life, with different attitudes, different opinions and having intelligent and meaningful conversations. But the world today seems to have gone the way of intolerance and polarisation and racism. That’s not good.

I do believe that we can certainly learn as we go through life from what we read, see, hear and experience. It’s okay to change your mind about something and have a different point of view than previously.

You can learn an awful lot by obviously your own experience, but also by reading books, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos that have interviews with interesting people who maybe have written books that you don’t actually have the time to read, but you can get an off a lot of their knowledge and views from just listening to these conversations and videos.

So maybe just set aside a little time in your daily/weekly schedule to do some of the above and also maybe join some sort of a club or an organisation that would attract curious and interesting people, who are not bigoted and self opinionated.

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