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Don’t let your past spoil your future


When people come to me for life coaching, they are often stuck in a rut and focusing on the past.

I often hear the expression from clients that they have “lost their mojo”. If you look at the definition for
losing your mojo, it means that you have lost your confidence, energy or enthusiasm, usually caused by
some failure, event, relationship or something else that hasn’t gone well in the past.

When a client is in this frame of mind, it is difficult for them to move forward and get on with the rest of their life.

They can often be working, on their own, on the wrong thing, which, leads to frustration, anger, stress and no progress.

One of the benefits of working with a life coach is that the coach can see and hear things about you and your situation from a different perspective, one that you may not have seen or considered.

A coach is an observer and a coach’s observation can bring you greater focus and clarity about where you are now and where you want to go from here and how to achieve it.

Life coaching is not about giving the client solutions. It is about helping the client, creating the environment,
clarity of thinking to find their own solution and goals. A life coach can then help with working through the stages of implementing steps to make the client’s solution and goals a reality.

You can waste an awful lot of time, energy and feel a lot of frustration trying to deal with issues like this
on your own.


So think about investing in yourself and your future and try working with a life coach.

I offer a free initial coaching consultation. It will give you an opportunity to hear and understand what life coaching is about. We can discuss your current situation to see if working with a life coach would be something that would help you. It would also enable you to see if you feel that you would be comfortable working with me. A Life Coach/Client relationship is a partnership. It is a safe confidential and caring environment for the client to work with me.

All my current coaching and classes are online using Zoom. This has worked out very well for my existing clients and for me. It is convenient, eliminates travel cost and time. Sessions can be arranged for a time that suits my clients, mornings, afternoon, evenings or weekends. Technology now means that I can engage with and coach clients from all over Ireland and further afield.

You can contact me to arrange a free consultation by:
Mobile 087-2545506
Private message me on Instagram or Facebook