Look after your mind – It’s your best asset

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You depend on your mind all the time; it is your most important asset. How effectively do you use your mind? Many of us have never been taught to effectively use and understand our minds. We are taught about physical fitness and diet etc. but little about our minds. Internal awareness – understanding how our mind works, our moods, recognising and dealing with negative low moods, negative thinking and other unhelpful thinking habits – is essential.

If you approach each day with a positive attitude and get the best you can from each day, notice the small things, little successes, you will be happier. Accept negative experiences and events and let go of them.

Mindfulness and Meditation can teach you how to understand your mind, deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life and enjoy more sustained happiness and fulfillment. You will have an increase in clarity, awareness and understanding that will help you be the person that you really are and live the life that is best for you.

If you read some of my other blog posts on simple techniques like breathing and slowing down, you will see that with practice you can incorporate it into you life.

My Mindfulness and Mindful living classes will teach you about your mind and how it works. You learn about the nine attitudes of Mindfulness: acceptance; letting go; patience; trust; non-judging; non-striving; beginners mind; gratitude and generosity. You will also learn about formal and informal meditation, how to easily fit it into your life. Positive Psychology is focusing on the positives and strengths in your life, while recognising that we will not be happy all the time. This realisation helps us deal better with the ups and downs of life and flourish.

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I will be running classes again in February and March. If you are interested, please contact me on

info@declanconlon.ie, personal message on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/123declanconlonlifecoach/

Or text me on 0862545506