Slow Down – Make Space to Rest-Reflect

Modern life and technology has given us many ways of saving time. I’m sure you can think of many in your life?

What have most of us done with the time saved? –  filled it with more things to do! So life is more hectic and busier than ever. This causes us to be stressed and tired. Our minds are racing all the time. Many people have problems switching off and sleeping.

Try and slow down to a calmer and more peaceful way to approach your work and personal life.

Take more time to do what you are doing, instead of trying to save time and fit in more things to do. This is not easy if you have being living your life the other way. It takes practice and time- for slowing down to become a habit.

Try these:

  • Do Less….prioritise…do one thing at a time
  • Give yourself more time to do something or travel or whatever. If you think a journey will take 30 minutes, allow yourself 45. If you arrive early, just sit in your car, eyes closed and do 10 minutes Mindful breathing. (See below)
  • Make some space….leave gaps between tasks, me time….so you can rest, recharge.
  • Reduce your commitments….learn to say No…stop being afraid to say no and being a people pleaser. Set boundaries around your “me” time.

Mindfulness and meditation helps us in many ways. If you can make time….space for it in your day…you will be less stressed, calmer, concentrate better and sleep better.

Try the simple breathing meditation. Close your eyes, slowly breathe in and silently count to 5…slowly breathe out and silently count to 8. Do it 10 times and a repeat couple of times when you have a space during the day. Do this instead of always filing the space doing something. Your out breath calms your mind.

Start now and make it a habit. Take care of you. Stop, notice and enjoy life in the present moment. Stop rushing around. Stop living your life looking in the rear view mirror at the past and in your crystal ball predicting the future. You can only be happy now in the moment.

Drop in – Mindfulness classes every second Thursday night, Edenderry Parish Centre. its space for people to meditate and reflect and be mindful.  Check out my Facebook Page- Declan Conlon, Personal Change and Mindfulness CoachMessage or Text me if you are interested.Declan