U thinking about U

I was reading an interview with Graham Souness former Liverpool player, manager and now soccer pundit. Graham is a very determined and straight talking Scotsman. He said two things which I thought are very true and resonated with me:

“Your career and your life is defined by the paths that you cross, the right people at the right time”

 “I’m 65 in May – I still think all my best years are ahead of me, how lucky I am”

The comments made me think. About two things:

It’s so important in life to try new things, meet new people, see you places..You won’t like them all, but I’m sure that some will really influence you and the path you take in your life. Move you on to the next level. Some people and places will move you on but they are not meant to last. It’s karma, they just enter and leave your life at the right time. You just accept it, let them go and move on.

If you live your life on “autopilot” doing and thinking the same old same old…you will just stay being the same old and person…

What could you do today that your future you would thank you for? And when you come to the end you’ll have no regrets about something you should have done, and didn’t. So be brave and be who you are, what you want, not what is expected of you by others.

No matter what age you are you should think your best years are ahead of you. If you keep yourself positive, engaged, have friends, do meaningful things for you, and have a sense of achievement for you…you will keep getting better, happier and fulfilled. So every morning wake up, be grateful and tell yourself that your best years are ahead of you.

“If you are searching for the one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”

Mindfulness and Meditation really helped me think about me and find me. It helps me maintain me and develop me. It can help you to.

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